Caregiver Background Check

Need a Caregiver Background Check?

A comprehensive FBI Fingerprint Caregiver Background Check provides peace of mind like nothing else

Comprehensive Caregiver Screening

If you are hiring a caregiver on your own, LeanOnWe's in-depth Caregiver Background Check can provide the deep background check you need to hire with confidence. Our caregiver screening procedure does a deeper dive that catches many things that may be missed by the cursory background checks offered by other firms.

Our team will work with you to screen one or several candidates you've identified until you find a candidate that you can feel good about.

Our caregiver screening includes an in-depth FBI background check, employment verifications (up to 3 recent positions), education and license verifications (up to 3 recent credentials), and verification of US work status.

In-Depth FBI Background Check

Our FBI Background Check Is Deeper And More Reliable than the SSN-Based Checks Other Firms May Offer

FBI Screening Factors LeanOnWe
Background Check
Federal Crime Arrest checkmark x mark
Federal Crime Conviction checkmark checkmark
National Crime Arrest checkmark x mark
National Crime Conviction checkmark checkmark
State Crime Arrest checkmark x mark
State Crime Conviction checkmark checkmark
Local Crime Arrest checkmark x mark
Local Crime Conviction checkmark x mark
National Sex Offender Registry checkmark checkmark
National Sex Offense Arrest checkmark x mark

Home Caregiver Background Check

Provides the Information You Need to Hire with Confidence

Our Background Check Includes:

  • In-depth FBI background check
  • Employment verifications (up to 3 recent positions)
  • Education and license verifications (up to 3 verifications)
  • US work status verification
  • Summary assessment

Caregiver Background Check

$189 per candidate

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