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I got into caregiving because my great grandmother had cancer and was bedridden, so my grandmother was taking care of her and she needed help. I would fill in for her. After she died, I wanted to help other people the way I helped her. I became a CNA after that. I like it because it comes natually to me to help people. I'm helping someone and it gives me pleasure to do that. I took care of a woman with Alzheimer's. It was very advanced, and her daughter was taking care of her. When her daughter went back to work, it was overwhelming and sad at the same time, so I was happy that I was there to help both of them, to take the stress off the daughter. I describe myself as someone who can easily adapt to any sitation, I am very patient, and I am an honest person. I'm responsible, organized and detail oriented. I can be quiet at times but generally I'm an outgoing person. I read novels in my spare time, usually a James Madison book, and I love movies.


I highly recommend Karen for a caregiver position. Karen served as a live-in caregiver for my mother for 13 months. My mother was recovering from a fractured hip. We had thought we would need Karen for a few months tops, however my mother's recovery was slow and was impeded by her progression of Parkinson's disease. My mother is unable to cook, clean, or shop, and needs assistance with personal tasks. I totally trusted Karen with my mother's care and this lifted quite a burden off of me. Karen is knowledgable, caring, and compassionate. She supervised my mother's medications, and took her to doctor appointments, as well as numerous other errands. Karen is an excellent cook (as my mother would mention it often to me). Karen took care of the laundry and the house was always neat and clean. She is very responsible and would always touch base with me when something wasn't right. Karen would go to great lengths to ensure my mother was safe when walking (she has poor mobility) and would help her with hygiene-related tasks (showering, etc). I would recommend Karen for a caregiver position. She really is a woman of good character and I really don't know what I would have done without her. She provided companionship and great care to my mother.

- Denise M., LeanOnWe Customer, New York

I want to thank Karen for making my mother's passage comfortable and less frightening. My mother's friends told me what a wonderful job she did with a difficult situation. That made it much easier for me as well as for my mother. My thanks to Karen, many times over.

- Lana I., Massachusetts

I hired Karen to provide live-in care for my mother in the fall of 2010. I lived in the house as well, but my mother's worsening dementia required that someone be with her 24/7 and I needed some help. Karen is a strong and caring family-oriented person. She was thrilled with only a small room that we could provide her. She moved right into our household and took over the necessary responsibilities including hands-on personal care, cooking, providing companionship, and responding to my mom's needs, day or night. One of the attractive qualities that Karen has is her sense of humor -- which my mom totally appreciated. We had many good laughs together. She is polite and considerate of others living in the house. Karen lived and worked with us for about five months. At that point, I made the decision to place my mother in an assisted living facility. I can recommend Karen without reservation. She has all the work skills/experience required to care for someone in need plus the humanity to relate to the entire extended family. Karen is a responsible, mature, and good person; she'd care for anyone in the most humane possible way.

- Debra Z., Connecticut

For approximately three months (March-June 2009), Karen provided care to my elderly father, a resident of a senior living facility. In her role, she was a live-in aide (24 hour care). By way of background, my father is wheelchair bound and suffers from dementia. Further complicating the situation was the presence of my mother. She suffers from dementia as well; and, though not a patient per se, her closeness to my father was an additional challenge to providing care. I was very please with the care provided by Karen. She brought a sensitivity and humor to what was, I believe, a difficult assignment. She was patient in her approach with my father (and mother as well, despite not being her "charge") and communicative with me about any issues/concerns she had with my father's care. Given I was out-of-state this was particularly helpful to me. Our family decided that our parents' conditions warranted admission to the memory care wing. We would have continued with her services had we not made that change.

- Laurence M., Oregon

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Advanced Dementia
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Nurse Aide/Assistant, Graduate

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