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9 years

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I grew up in Ghana and came to the United States in 2009. At home, I was a teacher and a mushroom trader. My father was bed bound and I was by his side, taking care of him for many years. When I came here, I decided to be a caregiver because I love being around people and helping them. I started as a Home Health Aide in 2011 and never looked back. I try to make my patients happy and I enjoy taking care of them. When you do good for others, I believe it comes back to you. I am familiar with a kosher kitchen and working with a religious family. When I'm not at work, I read my books and watch television.


David took care of my father from July 2011 until his death in February 2019. My dad was in a car accident, and came home with a feeding tube, catheter, and a trach. David moved in with him for about three weeks and then dad went back to the hospital for almost eight months. During that time, David was with him in the hospital, and learned exactly how to care for his complicated needs. He never left dad's side for the next seven years. David and I were a good team because we both wanted the best for dad. He went out of his way to do whatever was necessary to keep my father healthy and happy. It's impossible to find the words to express the gratitude our family feels for David's complete devotion. He gave his life, heart, and soul. He was an angel sent from G-d, and he helped my father feel the best that he could. David never tired of caring for him at his bedside and he always had a bright smile, a good word, contagious optimism, and positive energy. It is thanks to David that we were able to keep my father home, surrounded by the love and warmth of his family. Our entire block got to know David, and he was loved by everyone. Our home is kosher and David is familiar with Jewish holidays and customs. I was always calm and secure, knowing that he was in the best hands possible. David is one of the select "Righteous of the Nations" and has become part of our family. I highly recommend him as a wonderful and very special person.

- Toby H., New York

I am an MD and worked with David as he took care of my patient for more than seven years at his daughter's residence. The patient was vent-dependent and fed through a gastrostomy feeding tube, and had a supra pubic catheter in place. David was always attentive to the patient, kept him scrupulously clean, and did whatever he was asked to do in a timely fashion and with a smiling face. He was able to follow all instructions and may be one of the important reasons why my patient survived under such adverse circumstances in such good condition for so long. I can highly recommend David for a similar job caring for a homebound seriously ill person.

- Dr. Eli R., New York

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Private Client
Home Care Agency

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Long Island


Feeding Tube
Hoyer Lift

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Feeding Tube

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Home Health Aide, Licensed

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Can Drive: Yes
Public Transportation: Yes
Car: No


English (Fluent)
Akan (Fluent)

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