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Requested Rate

Hourly: $22 / hour


15 years

About Me

I have always liked to help people. When I see seniors and they need something, I try to do anything I can for them. I can clean their environment and help them with personal grooming. I can cook very well, too, both African and American food. I have a lot of experience with different clients and I know how to deal with many illnesses and diseases. I'm a cool guy, and I try to do the right thing. Safety is my No. 1 priority for my client, so I will do what they want or need but only if it's in their best interest. I can also drive my client anywhere they need to go. I used to drive a taxi in New York. I like to play cards with my clients or bingo. In my spare time, I like to stay home and relax.


Yeboah was my husband's caregiver for a few months in 2018 on Sunday morning's for a few hours. My husband had ALS and had no mobility, so he needed assistance with his daily activities such as dressing, showering and also helping with meals and feeding. Yeboah was always prompt, reliable and cared about Danny. Danny liked Yeboah because he could really trust him. I would definitely recommend Yeboah to other families.

- Mary Lou A., LeanOnWe Customer, New Jersey

Yeboah has been living with me for almost five months now, from July to December 2017. I spend most of my time in my recliner, so he bathes me there, and helps me with the commode. He also empties the catheter bag and does some light housekeeping. We get along well and I think he's a very good caretaker.

- George C., New York

Yeboah was my father's caregiver from 2015-2016. I have my own shop and my other family members were not available to care for my father, so we hired Yeboah. My father was an elderly man, but wasn't really suffering from anything. He needed companionship the most. Yeboah would prepare meals for him, give him medications, help him with showering, and take him on walks. Yeboah is a good guy. We would come home and the bathrooms would be cleaned, and we never asked him to do that. He's very reliable and respectful. I recommend him highly.

- Nana K., New Jersey

Work Experience

S.P. Home Care
FHC Agency
P. Nursing

Work Locations

Northern New Jersey


Advanced Dementia
Hoyer Lift
Special Needs Children

Dietary Specialities


Degrees & Certificates

Home Health Aide, Licensed

Transportation to Job

Can Drive: Yes
Public Transportation: No
Car: Yes


English (Fluent)
Twi (Fluent)

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