Pausing for Black Lives Matter -- and Moving Swiftly for Change

By Ron Gold, CEO, LeanOnWe

When peacefulness turns hostile and when protests turn militant, we turn to the more than 1,000 home health aides, certified nurse aides, and other caretakers who are part of LeanOnWe’s network of private caregivers -- and we pause.

We pause for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and all victims of racism and injustice before them. We also pause to share the pain and anguish and frustration of the LeanOnWe staff and caregivers in the Black community as we collectively join in praying that families stay safe and voices are finally being heard.

During the last two weeks, our country has endured injustices that challenge our fundamentals and spirit. These most recent police-involved killings, and the history of systemic racism, force all of us to introspection.

U.S. unemployment rates among Black workers are consistently double those of White workers and income for Black households is only 60% of that of Whites.

The issues facing our country today hit home for LeanOnWe because we are a community made up of mostly minorities. And to our community, we say: We would not be here without you, we hear you, and we stand with you.

From the beginning of LeanOnWe, we have been committed to creating real opportunities for our family of caregivers, the majority of whom are Black. We empower everyone on our network with better-paying jobs and flexible schedules -- and with respect. We introduce White customers to Black caregivers, Asian customers to South American aides, Black customers to Middle Eastern providers, and vice versa, and in every different combination.

These connections are long-lasting and we know our customers are thinking now of the Black caregivers who have become a part of their families over the years.

We encourage everyone in the LeanOnWe family -- staff, caregivers, customers, potential customers, friends, and community partners such as geriatric care managers and elder care attorneys -- to proactively reach out to one another to create awareness and to listen to the Black community.

Show the Black community that you care by reminding them how valuable they are to you and our society, by peacefully protesting, by joining LeanOnWe in donating to Campaign Zero and other important organizations including Reclaim The Block and Black Visions Collective, and by letting everyone know that you know Black Lives Matter.

About The Author

When an out-of-control SUV barreled into Ron's bicycle on a quiet road in New Jersey in 2011, the accident left him paralyzed and in need of home care every day. And when he experienced countless problems finding reliable, affordable private caregivers, Ron knew there had to be a better way. He founded LeanOnWe with a focus on delivering a better, more thoughtful home care experience at a reasonable cost.

Comments (9)

Florence E. says:
God is Love. Thank you for your support . Stay safe
Regina A. says:
Thank you God be with you. May You strengthened in the Lord. And may God continue to shine His face upon you, and give you divine protection
Lioudmila K. says:
I join the movement in protecting the black people of America. It should not be! All people are equal before the Creator !!!!
Vivian A. says:
Thank you LeanOnWe for standing with the black and the minority. Thank you for supporting “BLACK BLACK LIVES MATTER” We care givers face a lot of disrespect from families we help. Families can never pay us what we really deserve for what we do for them. Care giving job is so much of a passion than working for a living. Caring for someone in need is as fulfilling as caring for oneself, BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!!!
Cynthia A. says:
This is amazing piece. Thank you for sharing our anguish. You have brought a sense of comfort to most of us as the employees knowing that you feel our pains and frustrations. Thank you for caring about our emotional well being. God bless.
Grace M. says:
These comments are real to the facts, we all are one, when things like this happened I love the fact that we all get together .
Kathy R says:
Beautifully written, proud to be a part of the LeanOnWe Team! #BLACKLIVESMATTER
Hermione J. says:
Thank you Lean On We for standing firm with us. It is frustrated to be enslaved for so long. One more drop in our cup does it. To me, all lives matter. This is why in our movement you are included. Bisous to all!! Hermione BLACK LIVES MATTER 💪🏿☝🏿😘😘😘
Aida M. says:
Very well.said, we are proud to work with lean on we and proud that you stand with us, thanx so much for appreciating us, stay blessed

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