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Identify Caregiver Candidates LeanOnWe typically identifies 4-6 hire candidates for you to select from Agency typically determine the caregiver without much input from you Candidates are typically limited by how much time you can invest in finding them
Matching Procedure LeanOnWe matches your needs against 60+ factors to determine caregivers who fit best Typically minimal effort put into matching Generally you won't have access to enough candidates to effective match against your needs
Back-up Care We help you find a qualified substitute caregiver Agency sends a substitute caregiver Typically very difficult to handle on your own
Rates $20-$25 per hour range for live-out help;
$250-$280 per day range for live-in care.
$32-$40 per hour range for live-out help;
$340-$450 per day range for live-in care.
Varies -- and you may easily overpay
Salary Negotiation Agreement between you and caregiver Agency rate, non-negotiable Agreement between you and caregiver
Caregiver Take-Home Caregiver earns the full agreed-upon rate Less than half of rate agency charges you Caregiver earns the full agreed-upon rate
Background Check / Screening Rigorous multi-step process, including top-of-the-line FBI check Minimum standard set by government Typically minimal and difficult to do on your own

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