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My 90-year-old father was hospitalized for 4 months and has now gone home. Through much of his hospital stay, he needed an additional caregiver. We worked with LeanOnWe, saw a number of super candidates, and have been working with one for the last 3 months.

My father and mother, who were both very resistant to the idea of allowing someone in their home, now could not imagine life without their caregiver.

LeanOnWe showed great personal attention and interest, followed up, were responsive, and had a long list of qualified caregivers. My mother is almost as reliant on our LeanOnWe Care Advisor as she is on their caregiver.

Brian S.

My husband and I are recommending LeanOnWe to all of our friends.

The live-in caregiver we found is amazing.

Robin O.

The greatest benefit of LeanOnWe is a family being able to go to their website, select a caregiver, and connect with this person through the video.

The family then interviews the caregiver and gets a sense if this connection is the right one, because face it, this caregiver will become part of your family at a very difficult time and in an otherwise helpless situation of your life.

Kerry Mills
Kerry M.

Highly recommended!

LeanOnWe is run professionally and focuses on providing qualified care providers. My mother had an operation and was hospitalized for three weeks, then had to go to post-op rehab. Our care provider was great during the 1-2 months we needed care.

The overall experience with LeanOnWe was 5-star. This is not like an ordinary agency!

Thank you LeanOnWe.

Paul S.

I was in a crisis situation. My 95-year-old dad was in the hospital and needed to be discharged back to his apartment with a 24-hour live-in aide.

I called LeanOnWe and they acted quickly and compassionately by giving me a choice of caregivers to review. I was able to look at their bios, references and videos, and make arrangements for care.

Within two days, my father was home with a wonderful caregiver that we have been extremely happy with.

Barbara A.

My mother suffered a heart attack and needed help at home. She was extremely resistant to accepting help. The folks at LeanOnWe were lifesavers -- they gave us suggestions and links to good caregivers, and were always available to answer all my questions including how to get my mom to accept the much-needed help she so resisted. I never imagined how stressful finding help for my mom would be, and I don't know what I would have done without Betsy (who co-founded LeanOnWe with her husband, Ron Gold) and Denise, who works with them.

And the caregivers we have met have been better than I could have imagined. They have been kind, compassionate and trustworthy. LeanOnWe found us caregivers for an emergency situation as well as someone for live in. It is very scary to go through this and think that a stranger will be vested with so much responsibility with my mom and in her home. The vetting service that LeanOnWe provides made that so much easier to deal with.

I highly recommend this service.

Dana H.

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