Industry-Leading Caregiver Screening

Industry-Leading Caregiver Screening

In-Depth FBI Background Check

Rigorous Credentials and Experience Review

In-Person Interviews & Reference Checks

An In-Depth FBI Background Check Is Mandatory

Our Caregivers Must Pass A Mandatory FBI Background Check That Is Deeper And More Reliable than the Checks Our Competitors Do

Screening Factors
LeanOnWe Other
Federal Crime Arrest checkmark x mark
Federal Crime Conviction checkmark checkmark
National Crime Arrest checkmark x mark
National Crime Conviction checkmark checkmark
State Crime Arrest checkmark x mark
State Crime Conviction checkmark checkmark
Local Crime Arrest checkmark x mark
Local Crime Conviction checkmark x mark
National Sex Offender Registry checkmark checkmark
National Sex Offense Arrest checkmark x mark

Caregivers Are Also Screened On Experience, Credentials, and Client Reviews

Only a fraction of Caregivers have the skills and experience to make it through both tiers of LeanOnWe's in-depth Caregiver Background Check procedures. Careful caregiver screening is essential to ensure you can hire through LeanOnWe with complete confidence. Only the best caregivers have what it takes to get accepted into our network

Once they've joined, we rigorously monitor every Caregiver's performance with each client they serve to ensure they continue to meet our expectations. Caregivers that do not provide the level of care our clients expect are removed from our network and are no longer assigned to new cases.

Basic Requirements

  • Minimum of 3 years professional caregiving experience
  • Multiple employers and/or clients with references
  • Appropriate education or health care certifications
  • Proper legal status to work in the United States

Interviews & References

  • Comprehensive interviews are conducted with each Caregiver candidate, including an in-person meeting, by at least two LeanOnWe care evaluators
  • Candidate references are carefully verified and we speak personally with at least 2-3 families that the Caregiver has worked with


  • In-depth FBI background check
  • Employment verifications
  • Education and license verifications
  • US work status verification

Our Personalized Matching Process Identifies Great Candidates For You

Here's how the matching process works:

  1. A LeanOnWe Care Advisor is assigned to assist you at every step
  2. In-depth needs assessment via a call with your Care Advisor
  3. We identify a short list of top Caregiver candidates from our directory of pre-screened Caregivers
  4. Over 75 screening factors are used to narrow our search and identify only the best candidates to meet your specific needs
  5. You evaluate each candidate in our automated system, including a detailed bio and a video of each candidate
  6. You interview and select your preferred candidate

Over 75 Matching Factors

  • Location
  • Work experience
  • Education and certifications
  • Client reviews
  • Languages and fluency
  • Health conditions
  • Dietary requirements
  • Equipment experience
  • Smoking preferences
  • Pets
  • Driving and access to car/transportation
  • Personality and likely fit with the careseeker
  • and more...

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