Three Thoughtful Last-Minute Gifts for Your Caregiver

By Betsy Gold, Co-Founder, LeanOnWe

If time is running out and your gift list just seems to grow longer every day, we've got some quick suggestions for thanking a special caregiver. A thoughtful gift can go a long way and we have three simple but meaningful ideas for spreading joy to your home aide this winter holiday season.

While families typically pay a holiday bonus to caretakers who help their loved ones, it is also nice to include an item that will be remembered for years to come.

Check out these easy last-minute ideas:

  • Picture Me Anywhere -- Take photos of your loved one with his or her favorite caregivers and send them off to become a personalized photo mug, photo stainless steel water bottle, photo tree ornament, or even photo pot holders and ceramic photo coasters. They'll never forget you with this long-lasting memory.  
  •  A Few of Their Favorite Things — This is something we can’t define for you, but you’ll know it if you think about! Does your caregiver love sweets? Put together a “tower” of chocolates and cakes. Is he a stamp collector? Does she cherish porcelain dolls? Does he have a favorite sports team? Is she a fan of black-and-white movies? Whatever it is, find a way to use your inside knowledge to give a specially tailored gift.
  •  The Gift of You -- What special talent can you gift to your caregiver? Some ideas: Knit your caregiver a scarf, prepare your caregiver’s taxes, give him guitar lessons, be a handyman for a day at her house, tutor his child, or teach her how to paint. Be creative — you’re sure to have something great to offer!

 It's always the thought that counts -- but thoughtful gifts are always well thought of.

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Betsy is a LeanOnWe co-founder and leads the Care Advisor Team that provides day-to-day support for their clients. Before LeanOnWe, Betsy was an award-winning journalist and business editor.

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