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I grew up in Trinidad, moved to Canada for 4 years, and then I came to the United States. At first, I was babysitting/nannying for a few different families. I was babysitting for a family and one of their relatives needed care, and that's when I started my care career. I really enjoyed it, and I decided to make a switch in my career to take care of the elderly. I have been actively working as a Home Health Aide since 2007. The reason why I love to work with the elderly is because I grew up with my grandmother and she was the love of my life. It breaks my heart to know that I couldn't take care of her in her old age, so I treat my patients as if they are my grandmother. I'm very friendly, soft spoken, trustworthy, reliable, and always on time. In my spare time, I love traveling and shopping and being outdoors. I have a daughter and she just graduated from college, and I am so proud of her.


Dawn took care of my mother and father for about 6 months. After my father passed away, she stayed with my mother around the clock because my mother had dementia and could not be left alone. She took care of everything. She cooked, cleaned, took my mother to doctor appointments and made sure she had everything she needed. My mother was very difficult at times and Dawn was very kind and made my mother feel safe, and she liked having Dawn around. She trusted her and my family trusted her very much. She went above and beyond with what needed to be done. She was professional about her care and a very pleasant person. I highly recommend her to any family.

- Barbara F., New York

We hired Dawn as a live-in to care for my mother. She lived with her for about 3 years. She did everything that was needed for my mother's care and around the house. She helped her with showering, dressing, making sure my mom didn't fall. She was a great cook, my mother loved her cooking, and she tells me all the time how she misses her cooking. Dawn managed everything in the house as well. She cleaned, went shopping for food, did the laundry and kept me informed if my mother ever needed anything. She was reliable, compassionate, and very caring. I felt very comfortable and I didn't have to worry about my mother because I knew she was well taken care of. You would be very lucky to have her.

- Helen S., New Jersey

Dawn was with my father for a little over a year. She was with us on two separate occasions. At first, my father had pneumonia and she cared for him then. Then, my dad took a bad fall and broke his hip, and we needed Dawn to live with him and provide 24/7 care. She is great. She took really good care of my dad. I live in Seattle and I was going back and forth for a while, but once we had Dawn, I didn't need to keep going back and forth. She was like my father's daughter and I felt comfortable knowing he was in her hands. She is a great cook and dad really loved that. She cleaned his dirty old house, cooked for him, made sure he took his medicines, and drove him to doctor appointments. She is helpful, friendly, and great at communicating with the family. If I ever need someone to take care of another loved one, she is definitely the one I will call.

- Laura S., Washington

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