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16 years

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I started my career working as a housekeeper in a nursing home. After seeing the seniors, I was inspired to train for and earn my Personal Care Assistant certificate. When I got my certificate I started working with the seniors and I fell in love with the job. I feel so comfortable working with them because I feel that I'm making a difference. It makes me think of my family and I care for them as I would like someone to take care of one of my family members and myself. I like to make them feel good about themselves. I am very patient and try to go with what they like and make them trust me and like being with me, They can trust that I will take good care of them and make sure they have what they need. I am a very hard working person and responsible with my duties. I am compassionate and very independent plus I like to take initiative with what is needed. In my free time, I love to be with my family, to go out to dinner and for nice walks, and I believe in quality time with my family.


Marisol is a top-tier caregiver and wonderful person. She was singlehandedly responsible for extending my father's life (and his quality of life) when he refused to eat or drink anymore, due to his dementia and swallowing difficulties. Marisol developed a special relationship with him and Ted trusted her completely. Marisol was the only person he accepted feeding from. Marisol would attempt to engage him and massage his hands and arms. She truly gave my father comfort in his last days. She assisted the aides and nurses with all his ADLs. Marisol is truly a wonderful person and I will be happy to speak with any potential family, on her behalf.

- Steve K., New York

I met Marisol while she was working to take care of my mother and father. Marisol was a great pleasure to work with and she made my parents feel very comfortable with her. Marisol helped my parents with cooking, feeding, and bathing. My father was bed bound and she ensured his safety and comfort while he was in bed. My mother is mobile but suffers from Alzheimer's. Marisol informed me that she had experience with working with clients who have Alzheimer's. She took my mother out to run errands. She showed my mother support while they were out and my mother felt safe to go out with her. Marisol was always very helpful and caring. She brought a positive energy to my family. She was very reliable and was always on time. Marisol handled every task given to her with ease. She always made sure to be respectful and diligent with her work. I strongly urge you to hire Marisol. You will find her to be a great asset to you.

- Albaneri R., New York

Marisol was assigned to my mother as a Home Health Aide for four years. My mom has been diagnosed with dementia, which is a very difficult condition to deal with. During the course of the years, Marisol exhibited nothing but compassion, patience, and love for my mother. I've also had the opportunity to observe the way she troubleshoots and problem-solves intricate situations. Marisol is a very diligent, caring, and reliable worker who likes to take the initiative and is also a charismatic individual. She's the type of person who seeks to make positive changes and focuses on upward mobility. Problems that she "took" on were executed in a very considerate manner. If it had not been for Marisol, my business would not have had the opportunity to flourish. She relieved so my pressure from me mentally and emotionally while taking care of my mother. Knowing that my mother was being well cared for while I was at work gave me peace and assurance.

- Dirris L., New York

Work Experience

FS Residence, NY
HHH Home Care, Inc., NY
BestCare, Inc.

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Degrees & Certificates

Home Health Aide Program, Graduate
Personal Care Aide Program, Graduate

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Can Drive: Yes
Public Transportation: No
Car: Yes


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Spanish (Fluent)