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I started caregiving when I was going to school. I was looking for something with flexible hours. I was caring for a client and really enjoyed being her companion and caring for her, as I did for my mom when my mom was ill. It was a very positive experience for me. I like being around seniors because I feel they are calm and I learn from their stories -- and they are very appreciative of having someone help them. It is very fulfilling to me to help them and know that I am making a difference in their lives. In my spare time, I enjoy the arts, going out to dinner, reading and spending time with my friends.


Kate cared for my father in the kindest and most respectful way for about a year and a half in 2016-17. They lived in an apartment just a few blocks from mine, so I saw them together very often. It was important to me that my father, a retired attorney with many, many medical ailments, be taken care of in the same manner I would take care of him. He loved Kate and she made sure that my father always looked clean, well shaven and well fed. She took him to concerts, lectures, and parks. She understood what I wanted for my father and followed my instructions. She also followed my father's instructions. She was responsible for my father's well being and watching them together gave me great peace of mind. She was attuned to my father's changing emotional and medical needs and adapted herself accordingly. I trusted her and so did my father. She was always on time and ready to navigate new situations. We were lucky to have her work for us.

- Anne O., LeanOnWe customer, New York

Kate took care of my mom full time for approximately three years, until she passed away in March 2015. Kate is funny, down to earth, and very outgoing. My mom had a stroke and suffered from dementia. She took care of all my mom's physical needs, but also was a great companion. Kate has truly become part of my family. I highly recommend her as caregiver.

- Nilda J., New York

From the moment she walked in the door, Kate was great. My mom is in her 60s but doesn't drive and doesn't speak English and needed someone to be around while I was at work. Kate and my mom got along well. Kate helped my mom with her medication, and she cleaned, cooked, and drove her on errands and to doctor's appointments. Kate translated for my mother from French and Creole for all the appointments. Kate was always prompt and reliable. My mother moved back home, or else we would still have Kate working for us. She's a wonderful person and did a great job as a caregiver.

- Cary R., New York

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Private Patient, NY
Private Patient, NY

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Long Island


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No Salt

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