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17 years

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Back home in Jamaica, I was responsible for caring for my elderly, blind grandmother. I would prepare her dinner and help dress her. When I came to the States, I wanted to do nursing. So I got my Certified Nurse Aide license and I started working with private clients. I just loved it. I love to see people happy, and I have a lot of respect for the elderly. My clients say that I am a fun, patient, reliable, and outgoing person. I have all of the qualities of a good person. My clients become part of my family. As you can see from my work experience, I stay with my clients for a long time. I love to play games and read to my clients. I love to sit and talk with my patients. They really give me wisdom. My clients love me because I do my job to the best of my ability and I am always open to learning new things. In my spare time, I love to spend time with my family, read, and go to church. I also enjoy surfing the Internet and learning something new.


Georgia was first hired in 2009 to care for my mother who had Alzheimer's. My mother needed total care and supervision. Georgia did everything for my mother: she fed her, she bathed her, she dressed her, and she supervised her throughout the day. She was also watching over my father in case he needed any assistance. My mother was very violent towards the end of her life and Georgia was amazing managing those difficult situations. She was gentile and kind to my mother, she knew how to control her and calm her all in such a caring manner. After my mother passed away, Georgia stayed as my father's companion. He just absolutely loved her. She helped him through the death of my mother. My father was a disabled veteran and as he got older. he depended on Georgia completely. She was a wonderful person. Aside from caring for both my parents, she always made sure their home was kept beautifully and so organized. My family and I were so very blessed to have her lovingly care for both of my parents. She was at their bedside when both my parents passed away and held my hand through the emotional roller coaster I was going through. She deserves the best in her future. I pray that if I ever need a caregiver, I can reach her and have her care for me.

- Liza O., New York

My mother and father did not think that they needed a caregiver. My mother had a number of illnesses -- colon cancer, broken hip, brain aneurysm, and my father was very unsteady on his feet. In 2009, we hired Georgia to spend full days with them in their home. I lived around the corner and was in and out of their house a lot, so I spent a good amount of time with Georgia and watched her interact with my parents. I found her to be extremely reliable and always prompt for work. Georgia was able to give my mother and father the space they needed, yet was always there when they needed her. She would talk to them and watch television with them and cook for them, and her easy-going nature made them accept her. That was a huge step. After a few months, we made the difficult decision to move my parents to an assisted living facility. I feel like Georgia really cared about my parents and would recommend her as a caregiver.

- Patricia H., New York

Work Experience

Private Patient, NY
Private Patient, NY

Work Locations

Northern New Jersey
Central New Jersey
Northern New Jersey
Southern Connecticut


Cardiac Condition
Brain Injury
Hoyer Lift
Feeding Tube

Degrees & Certificates

Personal Care Aide, Licensed
Nurse Aide, Graduate

Transportation to Job

Can Drive: Yes
Public Transportation: No
Car: No

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