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I was born and raised in Ghana. I went to college to be a teacher and I worked in Ghana for 5 years. Then, I moved to Nigeria to teach, and I taught there for about 6 years. Later, I returned to Ghana and fortunately for me, the Libyan government had come to Ghana to recruit English teachers. I was recruited and I went to Libya in 1984. When my contract was up, I had the opportunity to travel back home to Ghana through Italy. I decided to stay in Italy instead of going back to Ghana. I received a permit to stay there, and I went to Como in Northern Italy. I wanted to teach, but I didn't know the language. Instead, I entered the textile industry and I worked there for 14 years. I then decided to leave Italy and I came to America in 1999. I realized that America was great and I could speak English. I came here to stay more permanently in 2001. I went to a home care training school and began my caregiving career What I love about caregiving is that that I get to to gain knowledge from the client's experience. I love to meet and work with people and talk to them. The knowledge I gain from them is priceless. Because of my profession as a teacher, I love to work and care for people. I have a passion for the job and staying with my clients. I'm not introverted and I'm not extroverted -- I'm in between. I'm a very good person, I don't like violence; I love dialogue. Everybody I worked with never complained about me. For fun, I love to play soccer and I enjoy reading. I also love to travel and to go around the world. I am a very good cook as well.


Ato joined our household in January of 2017. My husband had Parkinson ’s disease with memory loss. He battled this disease for 15 years. This last year proved to be the hardest as his mobility significantly declined despite his desire to remain independent. I needed help and felt unprepared for this stage of his disease. Ato took charge of my husband's care from day one and my husband felt comfortable immediately with Ato. He easily assisted him with bathing, dressing, and walking. He also took time to walk me through catheter issues and wound care issues. Ato answered my questions, as he has seen it all. Ato came with us to doctor visits and the emergency room. Not only was he physically supportive to my husband, but he was an emotional support to me. My daughters, one being an RN and the other a finance manager, formed a bond with Ato because of he excellent care and respect he gave their father. He was my right hand through the past 6 months. Ato was honest and reliable and never missed a day of work. My family could not have gotten through this time without him. As a caregiver, Ato was invaluable. He was a teacher, mentor, and friend. He was attentive and compassionate. Ato was there for me when I cried watching my husband and best friend succumb to this disease. I am forever grateful to Ato and would recommend him to anyone in need.

- Arlene H., New Jersey, LeanOnWe Customer

It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Ato. When the time came to expand the network of care for my husband who has Alzheimer's, it was my good fortune to find LeanOnWe, a company through which I could choose among several candidates to hire. It was especially important that I find a male- more a companion than a nurse. Though I trusted the process of selecting a candidate from a list of profiles provided by LeanOnWe, I had no way of knowing if the person I selected would be a good fit. I couldn't let my husband know that I was hiring a "caregiver" or even a "companion," so it had to be seamless- a "friend" who just happened to stop by from time to time. LeanOnWe sent the list of candidates and I was immediately drawn to Ato. His picture showed maturity, and his resume showed him to be worldly with just the experience and background I was looking for. Someone with whom my husband could talk about the things that still interested him most and about which he could still converse- art, culture, travel. From the first day they met, Ato found common ground with my husband. He was patient, vigilant, and above-all, he treated my husband with such dignity. Though my husband wasn't likely to remember much of their time together, Ato did more than just "watch" him; he engaged him-jumping right into cognitive activities that I provided but also sharing both his ideas and his own fascinating life story. I often heard them laughing, and my husband never hesitated to go with Ato- whether for a walk around the block or to the senior program at the local art museum. They developed a rapport which didn't necessarily have to include me. I came to look forward to Ato's weekly "visits," not just because they gave me a much-needed respite, but because Ato cared both for and about my husband. Even now, the mention of Ato's name (and a little reminding) brings a flicker of memory and a smile. For that I will always be grateful.

- Nora D., New Jersey, LeanOnWe Customer

Ato worked as a live-in caregiver with my husband as a temporary replacement in 2016 and during that brief time, he functioned with a mature calm, wisdom, and kindness. He was able to team with our other caregiver well, and accepted learning "our" way, with dignity. Ato is trustworthy and sincere.

- Gail F., New Jersey, LeanOnWe Customer

Ato took care of my father in 2015. My father had dementia and needed assistance with everything every day. Ato helped him take a shower, he dressed him, he managed his medication, and most of all, he was there with him to make sure he was safe. My father used to go out if he was unattended so Ato was always vigilant. We tried a lot of different caregivers and it was so difficult because there was always an issue with one of them until we found Ato. He was amazing. He always made sure my father was nice and clean and well dressed. He ironed all of his clothes and he even ironed his towels because he knew my father liked to be warm. We really couldn't have asked for anybody better than Ato. I really hope he finds a nice family to work for. He deserves it.

- Carin S., New Jersey

Ato was my father's day-time caregiver from 2008 until his death in July 2014. He worked very hard and got along well with everyone. My father could be very stubborn and Ato had a lot of patience. He always treated my father respectfully and my father gave him high praise, saying, "He is a good man." Ato cooked a little, helped him with bathing and getting dressed, reminded him to take his medications, and spent hours sitting with him and talking. He helped my father shave and always kept him clean. They would go for short walks together. Ato also did some light housekeeping. In the six years he was with my father, he become part of the family. If he saw something that needed doing, he would just do it. He is a diligent worker and was flexible when I needed him to stay longer or help on a weekend. I recommend him for everyone, without hesitation.

- Martha A., New York

Work Experience

QH Care
Private Patient
Private Patient

Work Locations

Northern New Jersey
Central New Jersey


Advanced Dementia
Alcohol or Drug Dependency
Brain Injury
Feeding Tube
Hoyer Lift

Dietary Specialities

Feeding Tube
No Salt

Degrees & Certificates

Home Health Aide, Licensed
Teaching Certificate, Government Teacher's College, Ghana

Transportation to Job

Can Drive: Yes
Public Transportation: Yes
Car: No


English (Fluent)
Italian (Fluent)

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