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13 years

About Me

I loved my grandmothers and they used to pamper me. My grandma used to be my best buddy, and I used to get so excited to be with her back home in Africa. When I came here to the United States, I was looking for work and I started taking care of the elderly. I thought that this would be perfect because I loved spending time with my grandmother. And it was a great fit for me. I have a lot of patience with my clients. I make sure they are always clean and smell good, and most importantly, that they feel good. I make sure to remind them about their medications. I cook for them and do their grocery shopping. I always make sure to make my clients happy, and I treat them like my family. When I'm not working, I love listening to music, going to the mall, or driving around. I like to spend time with friends and family.


We hired Regina when my father came home with hospice care. Regina cared for him from June 2015 until he passed away at the end of July. My father was 85 years old. I must say Regina was absolutely fantastic. She is a kind hearted person and very diligent about her job. She was gentle, she did everything to make the end-of-life situation we were in with my father as smooth and peaceful as it could possibly be. Regina is a first-rate caregiver. I recommend her 100% and if I every needed any type of assistance for myself or a family member, I'd seek her and hire her right away.

- Bernard S., Connecticut

Regina took care of my mother from 2010-2014, until she passed away. My mother got sick and wasn't able to move around as well as she used to so we needed some help. A friend recommended Regina to us, and we are so thankful for her. Regina helped my mom with everything. She would take her out in her car to go shopping and just to get some fresh air, and my mom really liked that. When my mom passed away, she even left something for Regina in her will, that's how much she loved her. Regina is humble, honest, hardworking, reliable, and goes beyond her call of duty. I recommend her so highly.

- Frances M., New York

Regina cared for my mother from 2008-2009. My mother was 95 and lived in a senior home and she just needed help with her daily living activities. Regina was wonderful. My mother loved Regina, and they had fun together. Regina would straighten up around the place, she didn't do too much cleaning because we had someone come in for that. But the place always was so neat and clean. My siblings and I would stop by frequently to check in with mom, and Regina was always smiling and happy. You never would know if she was annoyed or aggravated in a situation; she kept a very calm demeanor. My mother actually passed away when Regina took time off, and Regina had never taken any time off before that. Regina and I still keep in contact. I can only give Regina the highest praise -- she's the best.

- Cookie Q., New York

Work Experience

R. Home Care Service
Preferred Home Care
Special Touch

Work Locations

Staten Island
Long Island
Northern New Jersey
Central New Jersey
Southern Connecticut


Cardiac Condition
Feeding Tube

Dietary Specialities

Feeding Tube
No Salt

Degrees & Certificates

Certified Nurse Aide/Assistant, Licensed

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Can Drive: Yes
Public Transportation: No
Car: Yes


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