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Hourly: $30 / hour


19 years

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There are a lot of sick people who need real, quality care. I love to help others, and that comes from my heart. Elderly people need an honest person to be there for them. I love to talk with my clients, conversation is very important. It's not just about caregiving but also about being a friend. Depending on the situation, if the client needs to move, I am able to motivate them to get up and move around. Motivation is very important while working with clients. I'm a very sincere person, and I'm very honest. Whatever the workload is, I will do it. It's very important to me to create a good relationship with the client. I'm happily married; I have eight children, and two are in New York, one is in Canada, and the others are in the Philippines. I love singing and playing my guitar. I used to sing Frank Sinatra with my previous client, and we both enjoyed that. I love to walk and go for a jog. I enjoy cooking and eating good foods.


Sec, who we called Romeo, looked after my husband, Tom, for the last three months of his life. He took care of all aspects of personal health and hygiene for a bed-bound, chair-bound patient, changed dressings, and learned to feed him through a PEG tube from October 2020 to January 2021. My husband was not always an easy patient as he had Parkinson’s and dementia (and many other health issues during the last few months) but Romeo was always patient and kind, explaining what he was doing and why. He took my husband outside when the weather permitted and wheeled him around the apartment when he needed a change of scenery. To the extent possible, he engaged my husband in conversation and also sang and played his guitar. I would highly recommend Romeo as a caregiver.

- Helen D., LeanOnWe Customer, New York

My husband had many heart attacks and then became seriously disabled from a stroke. Sec, whose nickname is Romeo, lived with us for two years from 2008-2010. He usually worked for four days and then another aide would come in for three days. He left because we moved my husband to a facility. I think Romeo is a very good aide. He helped my husband with everything -- bathing, feeding, and all the other activities of daily living. He helped me with laundry and vacuuming. Romeo was easy to be around and I trusted him implicitly. He did his job efficiently and I would hire him again if I needed a caregiver.

- Eileen W., New York

Romeo, whose real name is Sec, cared for my husband for two full months at the end of 2015, living with us for four days each week. My husband has Parkinson's and also has a supre pubic catheter. Romeo learned very quickly how to care for the catheter and did it well. He was responsible for helping my husband to shower and to take care of all of his personal care. Romeo is a very nice, very caring and outgoing person. I enjoyed having him around and found him to be totally trustworthy. He was conscientious about my husband's care, and in particular, about keeping him hydrated. They shared an interest in music and talked about music a lot. Romeo needed full-time work, so he gave appropriate notice and moved on. If he were to ask him to come back, I would not hesitate to hire him again.

- Ginny W., New York

Work Experience

LeanOnWe Customers
Private Patient

Work Locations

Staten Island


Advanced Dementia
Cardiac Condition
Feeding Tube
Hoyer Lift
Multiple Sclerosis

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Degrees & Certificates

Bachelor's in Economics, Xavier University, Philippines

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Can Drive: Yes
Public Transportation: No
Car: Yes


English (Fluent)
Tagalog (Fluent)

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