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17 years

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I enjoy working in this field because I like to take care of people, especially those with dementia and Alzheimer's. I assist in the bathroom and with walking. I can transfer my clients and do bed baths for those that can't move well. I can run errands for my clients, and I always work to the best of my ability. I can talk with them and make them feel comfortable. I'm very loving and gentle and I'm also very trustworthy and honest. I try to always be smiling when I'm around my clients, and I take my responsibilities seriously. Some of my hobbies include reading and shopping.


Ivel, who we call Yvette, was a caregiver for my sister from January 2014 until we put my sister in a nursing home in April 2017. Yvette is absolutely excellent. My sister had a lot of complications going on. She had fallen a while back and broken her hip, and when she came home from the rehab facility she just sat around, but she fell again. When she went back into the hospital they discovered that she had Parkinson's and also cancer. She became fearful of everything, especially falling. We had to hire someone and we found Yvette. My sister is a very ornery person and a tough cookie, but Yvette was amazing with her. I lived in the upstairs apartment and Irene lived with Yvette in the downstairs apartment. I saw Yvette a lot, and she never lost her patience with my sister. Whatever my sister needed, Yvette would do for her. Yvette intuitively knew what was best for Irene. I felt very comfortable and safe leaving my sister with Yvette. She's the kind of caregiver that I will want if I ever need one. Now my sister is in the nursing home with round-the-clock care, otherwise Yvette would still be with us. She's a gem and you won't be disappointed with her.

- Sonia C., New York

We know Ivel as Yvette, and she took care of my mother from 2014 until she passed in July 2016. My mother had dementia and then it went into Alzheimer's. We needed a 24/7 live-in caregiver to help her with everything. Yvette helped her with feeding, changing, bathing, and everything in between. Yvette treated my mother like a queen, and I wouldn't have had it any other way. They hit if off great. Yvette was willing to do the things we asked of her and she also did extra things here and there. We had no complaints about her and recommend her highly.

- Michelle S., New York

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Advanced Dementia

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Personal Care Aide, Graduate

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