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I came to the United States in 1994 from Peru, where I completed a year of college pursuing a degree in education. I volunteered in schools in Peru and assisted with giving shots and educating the students about nutrition. I was also a caregiver in Peru and I loved every bit of it. I continued to be a caregiver when I moved to the United States because I just love to help. In Peru, I took care of my grandmother who suffered from cancer for more than 4 years. I am well experienced in tracheostomy and colostomy. I have also worked with people with mental health issues, people who are blind, and people who have a physical disability. When I worked as a medical coordinator, I helped clients with their appointments, medication management, and most importantly I advocated for them. I am very professional, patient, and caring. I go above and beyond to assist my clients. I am also very trustworthy and supportive, and my client's safety is my priority. I love hiking, walking, and traveling and also I love to watch TV and movies with my family.


Julia is a smart, professional, and wonderful caregiver who lived with my mother for four months in 2017. My mother is 89 years old and has mild dementia and severe osteoporosis. She is a very proud and stubborn, old-school Italian woman who still insists that she does not need a caregiver and she does not make it easy for caregivers that my brother and I hire for her. Julia had a way to help mom maintain her independence and not feel like an invalid. She understood our culture and treated mom as an intelligent adult. When my mother was mean and cursing, Julia let it roll right off her back and stayed calm and positive. I was there for dinner quite often and I loved that Julia was always peppy and happy. Julia reminded my mother to take her medications, helped with bathing, kept the house tidy, and took mom out for walks. She encouraged mom to reminisce and listened to the same stories over and over again. She texted me every day to keep me in the loop, but didn't bother me with minutia. Julia made sure mom stayed hydrated and assisted with daily exercises. Most importantly, she gave my mother the ability to cook 3-course dinners "on her own." Of course, Julia helped with menu planning and every step of the cooking, but my mother felt like she was doing it all. That was a wonderful gift. I feel that Julia genuinely loved my mother.

- Grace A., New York

Julia took fine care of my father for the last 8 weeks of his life at then end of 2010, and then she took care of me for a few months at the beginning of 2011. My father was 88 years old and bedbound. He had diabetes, heart failure, a suprapubic catheter, and a very bad ulcer on his foot and he needed more care than I could give him. Julia emptied the catheter bag at least twice a day; kept his foot clean, bandaged, and elevated; reminded him of medications; prepared meals; and did light housework and shopping. Julia was with him when she realized his birthday was coming, and she took it upon herself to plan a party, complete with gifts that she purchased. She was so thoughtful and compassionate and that party was an illustration of those two characteristics. After my dad died, I was diagnosed with cancer and Julie took care of me. She was the person who took me to the hospital, and she stayed with me until I got back on my feet. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her as a caregiver.

- Sam P., New York

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