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I came to the United States in 2003 and I fell into caregiving -- and I have loved it ever since. I know how to take care of people and I want to make my client feel comfortable and safe. I talk with them and interact with them. I make sure they are well fed at the proper time. My clients have been pleased with my performance. You'll find that I am mild-tempered and very hard working. I am religious, as well. I enjoy reading, especially my Bible. I also like to watch soccer for fun.


Hellow was a caregiver for my friend who had Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. He passed away July 2017 and Hellow was with him for about 1-2 years prior. I wasn't able to do everything for my friend, so I had to hire some help throughout the day. Hellow worked 12-hour shifts, helping him with his daily needs. Washing, bathroom needs, and feeding were his big responsibilities. Hellow helped my friend and me enormously. When you look to hire someone, you look for someone who is going to show up and someone who you know you can leave in the house and everything will be fine. Hellow is definitely that kind of caregiver; he is reliable and very trustworthy. He is what you would want in a caregiver and more. I recommend him highly.

- Duane M., New York

Hellow was my father's caregiver from 2010-2014 until he passed away. My father was falling a lot, and in the beginning he was "OK." I live in California and I was making trips back and forth almost every other week. Hellow was my eyes and ears and he represented me when I could not be there. Hellow was a 24/7 live-in aide for my dad in New York. Hellow became my father's best friend and a surrogate son. My father was a teacher and Hellow was very receptive to my father and learned from him. Hellow truly knew his boundaries but he also knew when to be firm and keep control of the situation. He's very compassionate, caring, and loving. He was able to intellectually stimulate my father and engage him towards the end. You can't get anyone better than Hellow. He is like a brother to me, and I will never forget him.

- David H., California

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