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24 years

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I was born and raised in Guyana. Back at home, I managed my family's business for 8 years. The company focused on the importation and exportation of seafood. I moved to the United States in 1999 and a year later, I decided to become a caregiver. I previously had an experience providing care for some of my family members before I became a caregiver professionally. First, I took care of my uncle and his wife for more than 8 years. I cooked for them, took them to their appointments, and made sure they were safe and clean at all times. Also, when I moved to the United States, I took care of my uncle’s father-in-law for more than 4 years and that was when I developed an interest in becoming a professional caregiver. I always like to see my clients happy and comfortable. I enjoy being around people. I am very caring and supportive, and always available to help. I always have the interest of my clients at heart and love to see that they get better. Most of my clients describe me as loving, sweet, and hard working. I am very unique in the way I present myself. I am very polite, respectful, and responsible, and I always take the initiative to start something that will benefit my clients. For fun, I love to spend time with my family. I also enjoy playing tennis and going to the movies, and I really love sightseeing.


Begum has been with my father since September 2015 (it's currently February 2018). She used to be our 24/7 and now she works with us 24/3. My father has had two subdural hematomas and at this point in his life, he needs assistance with every aspect of life. Begum cooks, cleans, bathes, dresses, and assists him with getting around either with the wheelchair or his walker. We love everything about Begum. She is seriously a member of our family. She is efficient, knowledgeable, and very astute. She catches things before they become an issue. Begum is so caring and kind. She stimulates my father by talking politics, and they really have a beautiful relationship. She comes with goodies for him and she cooks him his favorite meals. My father adores Begum and loves her cooking, which is something that he looks forward to at this stage of his life. Anyone would be so lucky to work with her -- she's the best.

- Helene D., New York

Begum worked as a home health aide for my father, Joseph, from September 2003 through January 2005. In this capacity, she took care of all his needs, including his daily hygiene, dressing him, preparing meals, ensuring he took medications, laundry, general house cleaning, groceries, and ensuring his general emotional welfare. Begum did an excellent job in all capacities. She generally worked for five days, staying overnight from Monday through Friday. When our weekend aide was unable to work, she volunteered to remain in the home, so that my father would not have to experience another change in personnel, which would have been difficult for him. Begum has considerable knowledge of health care needs and was able to anticipate concerns and identify instances when he needed more medical attention than she could provide. She contacted a foot specialist who made house calls when he had foot sores. Several times, she appropriately contacted 911 to take him to the hospital in emergency situations. Begum is extremely pleasant and personable. She willingly takes on all necessary chores without complaint and volunteers to go beyond the usual job expectations. She assisted my father in contacting resources when there were problems with home maintenance. She purchased supplies for him during her off days. She was sensitive to his needs and helped make him as comfortable as he could have been. She became a devoted friend to my father and a support to me and my siblings, as we were confident he was receiving the best care he could have. I can unconditionally recommend Begum, and I would happily hire her again in this position.

- Ellie H., Connecticut

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Advanced Dementia
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Nurse Aide/Assistant, Graduate

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