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7 years

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I have a degree in social work and I am passionate about caring about others. I like to work for the best interests of a family. I am a caring, loving person who likes to serve others, and I believe in maintaining the dignity and the worth of others. I love to have a working relationship with people. I am a diligent and a competent worker. I take my time management very seriously, and I am very punctual. I communicate well with others and I'm very dedicated to my work. For fun, I love to dance, hike, sing, do crafts, and do puzzles.


Greta took care of my brother around 2015 to 2016. My brother has autism and special needs. Greta would come and help him with dressing, eating, and showering. Her main job was to help him become as independent as possible. My brother isn't very verbal, but we could tell he liked Greta. She was very committed and dedicated. She was also flexible with her schedule and would stay late if we needed her to. My brother ended up needing more care and seeing more specialists, so we had to stop using Greta's services. I recommend her highly though.

- Dora W., New York

I have had the pleasure of knowing Greta since she was placed with my office as a College Social Work Intern during the 2009-2010 academic term. Greta was a social work intern addressing family issues impacting on mostly new arrival African students at Bronx Community College. Greta participated in the planning and coordination of a series of workshops forums focused on African women issues. The social work interns helped to establish a voice for the unique experiences and challenges confronting African immigrants living in New York City. Greta has the responsibility of engaging the general BBC African student population around individual and group counseling concerns. Great's experience as a recent Nigerian arrival enhanced her working with African students at BCC who were from more than 20 countries. I was impressed by her awareness of cultural and social sensitivities within the African context. In her role as a social worker, Greta addressed a number of African student issues including depression, communication problems with highly traditional parents, and domestic violence cases. Though an exceptionally talented intern, Greta's greatest strength was her ability to intellectually and emotionally understand the challenges that confront African students and help them work towards developing effective strategies for positive change. The politics of oppression have become highly sophisticated and can often be found in both micro and macro systems. Greta won the trust and admiration of students who are normally highly secretive and resistant to outsiders due to possible immigration issues and fear of being misunderstood. Greta demonstrated considerable leadership skills. I believe she represents the best of the next generation of exceptional social and practical thinkers in this field. I strongly support Greta's efforts to gain employment in the human service field. I believe she will bring considerable value.

- G.A., College Collaborative Education Programs, New York

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Independent Support Services
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Advanced Dementia
Developmentally Disabled Adults
Mental Illness
Special Needs Children

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Bachelor's in Social Work, Lehman College

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English (Fluent)

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