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Hourly: $20 / hour


13 years

About Me

I love helping people. I believe that the elderly have contributed so much to society, so it's a way for me to say thank you to them and give back. I feel very comfortable taking care of others. I like to do fun activities with my clients; go to the park or walk around the mall, and I love driving and listening to music. I'll do anything to make a client happy. I'm an easy going person and very understanding. I love to meet new people and families. I can advocate for my clients, and I'm always two steps ahead in anticipating their needs. I'm prompt and hard-working. I won't leave until the job is done, and I'm flexible. For fun, I enjoy swimming, and playing and watching basketball and soccer.


Mukhtar is one of the residential counselors at the group home that I manage. We have clients that age anywhere from 20 years old to 50 years old. Our clients are very challenging, but Mukhtar does a great job working with these individuals. Our clients have a lot of emotional disturbances and mental health issues, and Mukhtar assists them with their daily activities. He takes them to appointments and does activities with them. It's really important for us to work with reliable people because when people call out of work, that's usually when chaos occurs and we are short staffed. Mukhtar is extremely reliable for us and dependable as well. He has very good communication with the clients and they seem to enjoy his presence. I think he would be great in a one-on-one environment taking care of someone.

- Yaw D., New Jersey

My son is in his 20s and he has severe autism. Through a major state university, we work with behavioral therapists in our home and Mukhtar has been one of the behavioral therapists that we have trusted in our home with our son. Believe me when I say that we probably have had about 50 different people in and out of our home because they just weren't a good fit. But not with Mukhtar, we have been working with him on and off since about 2015 (it's now May 2018). Mukhtar follows protocols, he's always on time, and he also incorporates his own ideas. He's a team player, and we trust him completely. He helps my son with social skills and the ultimate goal is for him to adapt into the community. It's so great with Mukhtar because my son actually wants to learn and he doesn't even realize that he's receiving therapy. Mukhtar is great with redirecting, if that is necessary, because my son can go from 0-100 in a second. Mukhtar creates a family environment and we are just so happy with all of his techniques. I can't say enough great things about this wonderful gentleman -- we recommend him highly.

- Wanda P., New Jersey

Work Experience

Center for Disabled Adults
Private Client

Work Locations

Central New Jersey


Advanced Dementia
Developmentally Disabled Adults
Feeding Tube
Multiple Sclerosis

Dietary Specialities


Degrees & Certificates

Home Health Aide, Graduate

Transportation to Job

Can Drive: Yes
Public Transportation: No
Car: Yes


English (Fluent)
Arabic (Basic)

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