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I am from Togo and my first language is French, but I studied English briefly as a child and became fluent after moving to the United States. I am a caregiver because I love people. My clients are like extended family members, and I learn so much from them. Assisting clients with activities of daily living helps me feel fulfilled, and makes me happy knowing I was part of getting my client ready for the day. I have experience with clients with dementia and Alzheimer's, and I will go above and beyond to ensure they enjoy the time they spend with me. For example, I have a client in her 90s who has dementia/Alzheimer's. I help her with personal care, and have been with her for almost four years. Her health is changing, and she is now bedridden. I love seeing her every day because I speak French with her, joke with her, watch her favorite TV shows with her, and make her feel good. I think of this client as a grandmother and she likes that I call her "Mama." She is very happy to see me, and is smiling all the time. My clients say that I'm so nice and they consider me their friend. They incorporate me into their daily lives. I consider myself a kind, loving, person who people can trust and depend on. When I am not working, I work on projects in my house and spend time with my family.


Elise has been a member of my father's cousin's team of caregivers for almost 3 years, and still works a couple of days for us as of March 2020. I am my father's cousin's medical guardian and I can say that Elise is excellent. My cousin has dementia, and therefore, diminished capacity. She is gentle, brings positive energy to my cousin's home, and assists with activities of daily living, as well as meal preparation. Elise often does long, overnight shifts and is a very good communicator, both in English and in French. I live very close to my father's cousin, and drop in all the time. I am very satisfied with what I observe when visiting my cousin, and definitely recommend Elise as a caregiver.

- Tim N., New York

Elise was brought in as a private caregiver around 2010, first to care for both of my parents, then to care exclusively for my mother, after my father's passing. She was 24/6 and with our family for about 5 years until late 2015. Both of my parents were frail, but cognitively intact. Elise assisted with activities of daily living, as well as meal preparation, light housekeeping, and accompaniment to doctor visits. We lived in an apartment building, and my apartment is across the courtyard from my parents. I visited before work, after work, and was there on the weekend. Elise was lovely. She was always kind, patient, and nurturing toward my parents. Though they would get frustrated when age-related difficulties held them back from doing certain things, Elise never took anything personally and always went above and beyond to try and please my parents. I appreciated that Elise would address concerns immediately and would check with me before fulfilling a unique request of my mother's. For example, my mother enjoyed ice cream and milkshakes late at night. Once that was cleared by me, Elise made it a point to prepare this snack each and every evening. I trusted Elise implicitly with my parents and was very pleased when I came home from work and checked in with my parents. Elise was a very good caregiver, and I do recommend her without hesitation.

- Laura K., New York

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