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Hourly: $18 / hour


25 years

About Me

I care about people. I like knowing that I can make a difference with my clients and I put myself in their shoes because I never know what will come tomorrow to me. I treat others the same way that I want to be treated. Whatever the client likes to do, I am willing to do -- go for walks, do puzzles. I'm a very compassionate person. I like to help people in need and I have lot of empathy for people. I like to finish whatever I start. I will go above and beyond for my client. I like to laugh and have a good time, no matter what. Laughing charges my batteries. My clients have liked my work and how I take care of people. For fun, I like watching TV and listening to audio books.


Nana has worked as my daughter's afternoon/evening home health aide for more than 3 1/2 years, starting in May 2015. My daughter has severe developmental disabilities as well as medical and behavioral issues. In working with my daughter, Nana has been consistently compassionate, trustworthy, and capable of understanding and dealing with complex and difficult situations. She has a smile that lights up any room and having her in my home has been a joy. My daughter requires constant supervision and entertainment. At mealtime, Nana assists her with eating and makes sure she stays hydrated. She takes her outside for a walk twice on every shift, and my daughter rides her accessible bike whenever possible. She is on a 90-minute toileting schedule and Nana also helps with her hair and bathing when needed. We'll go out to stores and do fun things together and Nana is an extra pair of hands. Two years ago, my daughter got the flu and she was very, very sick. She stopped vocalizing, stopped walking, and more importantly, was not eating. I was a train wreck, but Nana held me up. I remember her sitting at the table with my daughter and patiently coaxing her to eat. She did it with such joy and got my daughter to respond. Her walking now is better than ever, and I attribute that to Nana, who is never lazy and is full of energy and encouragement. In addition to being cheerful, Nana is one of the nicest people I know, has a wonderful sense of humor, and a great spirit. Everyone who meets her, loves her. She has been a huge blessing in our lives and I recommend her with sincere enthusiasm.

- Cindy F., New Jersey

Nana and I worked together at a hospital for about 5 years. I was one of the charge nurses on the floor and Nana was one of the patient care technicians/nurse assistants on my floor. I loved working with Nana because I always knew that I could count on her to get the job done. Her main responsibilities would include patient care: bathing, dressing, helping with transfers, checking blood pressure. We never liked to get to this point, but sometimes Nana would be taking care of 20 patients at a time, so she can definitely handle a workload. She's an excellent worker -- very giving and very patient. She's the type of person who works well in a group setting but would be even better one-on-one so she can really devote her time and energy properly to the patient. I recommend her highly.

- Lorraine J., New Jersey

Work Experience

Subacute and Rehab Facility

Work Locations

Northern New Jersey
Central New Jersey


Advanced Dementia
Alcohol or Drug Dependency
Cardiac Condition
Developmentally Disabled Adults
Feeding Tube
Hoyer Lift
Mental Illness
Multiple Sclerosis

Dietary Specialities


Degrees & Certificates

Home Health Aide, Licensed

Transportation to Job

Can Drive: Yes
Public Transportation: No
Car: Yes


English (Fluent)
French (Fluent)

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