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7 years

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I am originally from Canada and came to the United States in April 2014. I started caregiving because I value life. I've lost many loved ones along the way and it is important to give the great value of care to my clients. I want to see my clients enjoy their day and be happy and comfortable in whatever phase of life they may be in. I care about my client's well-being and I want them to enjoy every moment of their day. For example, I had a past client who I would bring to the local senior center and I saw her dancing, smiling, and happy. To see my client enjoying herself made me feel very happy and fulfilled. My clients would describe me as easygoing and caring, and would say that I always try to make them happy. They also consider me to be very friendly and appreciate my encouraging nature. My clients may not be in the mood to play a game or do a crossword puzzle, but they appreciate my motivation and encouragement, and end up enjoying the time they spend with me. I am also a motivator to my clients, and will carry over any physical therapy-related exercises into their daily routine. I also will go outside in nice weather with my clients, sit in the park, go to local activities, go to the store, and go out to eat. For example, I had one client where we had a standing date at a local sandwich shop. It is important to me to see my clients accomplish what they want to do each day. When I am not working, I spend time with my family, take care of my home, and read books.


Vasantie was my mother-in-law's caregiver for three days a week, 12 hours a day from approximately January 2018 through June 2019. In the time Vasantie worked with my mother-in-law, the whole family found her to be patient, kind, reliable and trustworthy. In addition to providing total hands-on care for my mother-in-law, Vasantie also helped her walk around the neighborhood and would take her in the car to the local senior center, to church, and food shopping. Unfortunately, my mother-in-law's health declined, and food would go into her lungs instead of down her esophagus. My mother-in-law also lost her ability to walk and needed her food pureed. At 102 years old, she had to move to a nursing home. We look back fondly on the days that Vasantie spent with my us and recommend her as a caregiver.

- Denise M., New York

Vasantie worked full-time with my sister for three days a week from September 2016 through March 2019. My sister was in an assisted living facility and was visually impaired. Vasantie was excellent -- she was kind, patient, knowledgeable, and she knew her job. Our family could always count on Vasantie to be punctual, reliable, and trustworthy. We truly appreciated that Vasantie went above and beyond to ensure my sister was clean and comfortable. Vasantie was also very intuitive, and made sure my sister's clothes were organized and that she was dressed stylishly every day. Vasantie communicated with the family beautifully, and we always knew how my sister's days were when Vasantie was with her. If I am ever in a situation where I need care, I would absolutely want Vasantie to help me. I recommend her as a caregiver, 100 percent.

- Roseanne K., North Carolina

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Advanced Dementia
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