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19 years

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I took care of my mother before coming to the United States and that is how I got into caregiving. I really love to take care of people. I love to share my love with others. I feel happy when I'm doing home health aide work. I am willing to do anything for my client and I love to have a good relationship with my clients. I'm an open person, very transparent. I'm very friendly and easy to get along with. I try to get to know my client and what he or she needs. When you work with me, you'll find that I'm very hard working, very proactive in the field. I listen to my clients. I just want my client to be happy and comfortable. For fun, I love to watch movies and I enjoy cooking. I'm not one to sit still; if I'm home, I'm cleaning and washing.


Rita was an aide for mother for two months in 2019. In that time, I saw a very caring and extremely helpful woman who genuinely cared for my mother. In preparing to move my mother to a nursing home facility, Rita basically packed up most of my mother's belongings by herself. Her familiarity with my mother's habits and routines showed me how kind and caring Rita had become with my mother. She went above and beyond in helping when it was time to actually move my mother. Rita came to the nursing home with our family to help ease the transition for my mother. I would highly recommend Rita to anyone who is looking for a caring, thoughtful, and responsible aide for their loved ones.

- Michael K., LeanOnWe Customer, New Jersey

Rita was my mother's caregiver from April-November 2018, until my mother passed away. My mother had many health issues, including progressive dementia. Rita assisted my mother with the usual custodial care, which included feeding her and doing some light housework. Rita is a very soft-spoken person which worked out great with my mother and her dementia. My mother did not respond well to loud noises so Rita's calm nature was perfect. Rita would make direct eye contact and hold my mother's hand. We were very satisfied with her help and I definitely recommend her.

- Barbara T., New Jersey

Rita took care of my mother for over a year until she passed. She worked 8 hours a day while I was at work. Rita was always trustworthy and reliable, and she would make sure my mother was safe and clean. My mother was immobile and Rita would transfer her from the bed to the wheelchair. She would prepare all of her meals, and help her with toileting and bathing and get her dressed. I would definitely recommend her as a caregiver for another family.

- Jennifer B., New Jersey

My father had dementia and was barely verbal. Rita was his caregiver from July 2014 until August 2016. In the beginning, Rita was living with my father at his home. He was in and out the hospital frequently and when we made a decision to move him to a facility, we paid out of our own pockets for Rita to be his private daily caregiver. She charmed the staff at the facility and made sure he got good care. Rita is an an exceptionally wonderful caregiver. She is kind, empathetic, and patient, and I know that she went above and beyond the requirements of her job. For example, she would stop by the facility on her day off to bring food she had prepared at home, so she could be sure he was eating. She was especially good about making sure he got the nutrition he needed. I also can confirm that Rita was trustworthy and reliable. I'm pleased to recommend her.

- Martin D., New Jersey

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