How I “Walked” Across the Stage

By Ron Gold, CEO, LeanOnWe

I amazed the crowd at Sunday’s LeanOnWe Launch Party when I came onto the stage “walking” after 3 ½ years in a wheelchair. It was the first time they had seen me vertical since an out-of-control SUV plowed into my bicycle and left me a paraplegic. So how did I “walk”? Was that robotics? Was I wearing an eksoskeleton suit or some other high-tech device?

I’m proud to tell you that I used a combination of my upper body strength – and more importantly, my core – to keep me upright. With the help of leg braces to keep my legs properly positioned and a walker to help my balance, I concentrated on using my abdominal muscles to contract my hip flexors. In essence, when able-bodied people walk, their spinal cord does the “thinking.” Since mine was crushed in the accident, I rely on training my brain to consciously do multiple repetitive activities that address the muscles responsible for walking. As such, I am able to slowly move one foot and then the next, even though I have no feeling in my legs.

All of this is very difficult and takes quite a bit of stamina and training. You won’t see me "walking” down the street or “walking” into the LeanOnWe headquarters. But the more I’m able to practice it, the stronger I become and the better my body is able to function.

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About The Author

When an out-of-control SUV barreled into Ron's bicycle on a quiet road in New Jersey in 2011, the accident left him paralyzed and in need of home care every day. And when he experienced countless problems finding reliable, affordable private caregivers, Ron knew there had to be a better way. He founded LeanOnWe with a focus on delivering a better, more thoughtful home care experience at a reasonable cost.

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