Ron Gold

Walk. Can't Walk. ReWalk.

There's walking (which I can no longer do) and then there's ReWalk-ing (the very appropriate name for what I'm learning to do now).

Ten Years of "Why Me?" v. "Why Not Me?"

Gratitude is one of those terms that gets tossed around a lot these days, particularly on this holiday.

From Underneath My Boat to the Top of the Charles

Ron Gold Head of the Charles

It was five years ago when I wrote my first post-injury blog about my fledgling athletic pursuits -- “Showering is My New Water Sport.“

The Paceline, the Pack, and Now a New Peloton

Peloton, the definition: “A pack of bicyclists saving energy by riding close to other riders. The reduction in drag is dramatic.

Giving Thanks, Giving Shelter to Homeless Veterans

At a time when so much is uncertain, LeanOnWe continues to make certain to fulfill its annual pledge to give heartfelt thanks and support to those in need this holiday season.

A Father Who Bridged the Gap

On April 1, I decided I wanted to learn to play bridge. No fooling. The urge just came to me. It’s surprising that I never wanted to play before, since my dad was a champion collegiate bridge player. 

Why We Started LeanOnWe

People always want to know how we came up with the idea of LeanOnWe. Well, to make a bad pun, it was something that I literally fell into after being hit head-on while bicycling one autumn day in 2011.

What's in a name? Let's "Lean On" the Power of Music

Like many people, I was struck by Bill Withers’ death this month from cardiac complications at the age of 81. There have been so many sad and senseless deaths recently, but this one struck closer to home.

The Answer Is Three Simple Words

"I support Reeve’s mission by . . ."

Success at "A Walk to Believe"

Thank you very much to all who sponsored my fourth...