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Find a Caregiver We help you hire a pre-screened caregiver from our network. Agency sends you a caregiver without much input from you. You hire via online or Internet ads or possibly word of mouth.
Back-up / Emergency Care We help you find a qualified substitute caregiver from our network. Agency sends a substitute caregiver. Usually impossible to find a substitute on short notice.
Rates $15-$18 per hour range; $160-$180 per day for live-in. $25 per hour; $260 or more per day for a live-in. Varies. And,you may easily overpay for someone you find on your own.
Salary Negotiation Agreement between employer and caregiver. Agency rate, non-negotiable. Agreement between employer and caregiver.
Caregiver Take-Home Caregiver earns the full agreed-upon rate. Less than half of rate agency charges you. Caregiver earns the full agreed-upon rate.
Background Check / Screening Extremely rigorous multi-step process. Includes top-of-the-line FBI fingerprint check. Minimum standard set by government. Minimal and impossible to do properly and thoroughly on your own.

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