• How I “Walked” Across the Stage

    I amazed the crowd at Sunday’s LeanOnWe Launch Party when I came onto the stage “walking” after 3 ½ years in a wheelchair. It was the first time they had seen me vertical since an out-of-control SUV plowed into my bicycle and left me a paraplegic. So how did I “walk”? Was that robotics?

  • LeanOnWe Launch Party Recap: Part I

    My friend and partner Ron Gold, a paraplegic after an out-of-control SUV rammed into his bicycle three years ago, stunned the crowd at our company’s launch party last night when he “WALKED” across the stage.

  • Should We Move Mom and Dad Back Home?

    To move or not to move? That is the (perennial) question. Mom and Dad retired and joined friends who moved from the cold north winters to warm, dry Arizona. They were healthy and had a good life.

  • Every Morning I Need A Caregiver

    Three years ago an SUV plowed into my bicycle, crushing my spine, leaving me permanently paralyzed. As a result, I can’t get out of bed in the morning by myself — and that’s how LeanOnWe came to be.