Home Care and Covid-19: A Message from Our CEO

Home Care and Covid-19: A Message from Our CEO

Home caregivers

Dear LeanOnWe Families and Friends,

We are here to help.

With the turmoil, illness, and heartache resulting from coronavirus, we know you have concerns and questions, alarm and anxiety while trying to make the best care decisions for yourself and your loved ones.

First, I want you to know that we have a well-functioning remote setup for our staff and our office is open.

We are available to help you and to answer your questions. Our professional, expert Care Advisors can assist you with everything from changing your current home care setup to educating you about relocating to a senior community, hiring a geriatric care manager to oversee your loved one’s health and safety, or finding senior services in your area.

In recent weeks, we have been fielding questions about Covid-19 and I hope these answers will guide you in the days and weeks ahead:

Are LeanOnWe caregivers currently available to help if my caregiver gets sick?

Yes, our network of caregivers remains ample at this time. That said, we strongly encourage families to put in place several back-up options now in the event that your caregiver cannot be immediately replaced, that your loved one or someone they live with contracts the coronavirus, that a family member who is the Power of Attorney or Health Care Proxy becomes infected, or that your caregiver or their family member falls ill from Covid-19.

Is my caregiver considered an “essential employee” who is allowed to go to work during curfews, shutdowns, and other travel restrictions?

Those who care for the elderly or work in medical or senior care facilities are generally considered essential employees. Since private-hire aides, such as those on the LeanOnWe network, typically do not have a badge or uniform or employment letter, please click here to get a copy of LeanOnWe’s recommended Caregiver Employment Verification Letter. Fill it out immediately and give it to your in-home care provider as soon as possible to try to head off any potential problems with a caregiver’s ability to travel to and from work.

How can I make sure my caregiver is following best hygiene practices and has properly prepared my loved one?

Through ongoing communications and social media postings, we are helping Americans nationwide stay informed and educated about how to manage home care in this challenging environment. Please read our blogs on this subject by clicking here -- and we encourage you to share them with friends and family. The information is universal and we want to help as many families as we can.

Does LeanOnWe require caregivers on its network to be tested for the coronavirus?

The U.S. policy for coronavirus testing applies in very specific circumstances and can only be administered by authorized professionals. Only people who meet certain medical criteria are able to be tested. The home care industry is not authorized to make these determinations or to do testing.

Is my home health aide entitled to paid sick leave?

Each state has its own laws about sick leave for caregivers. For the most accurate information regarding sick leave, unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, and disability pay -- all of which may apply to caregivers and may be needed -- please contact your payroll provider, such as LeanOnWe’s payroll partner, HomePay. To learn more about domestic employment requirements, please call HomePay at 888-273-3356, and remember that LeanOnWe customers get special pricing from HomePay.

I hope this helps you as you plan for what are certain to be uncertain times ahead.

And from all of us at LeanOnWe, we wish you and your loved ones well and ask that you stay informed of the latest recommendations and restrictions from federal and local authorities. To read LeanOnWe's ongoing communications about Covid-19, please click here.

We are here to help.

Ron Gold
CEO, LeanOnWe

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