• Hiring a Caregiver When You Live Far From Your Aging Parents

    If you live far away and are busy juggling your own career and family, it can be difficult to care for an aging parent. Whether your parent needs help with laundry and errands a few times a week or requires daily care, you’ll want to find an experienced caregiver you can trust. Successfully managing a long-distance relationship with this person can mean the difference between a good night’s sleep and endless worrying.

  • Three Thoughtful Last-Minute Gifts for Your Caregiver

    If time is running out and your gift list just seems to grow longer every day, we've got some quick suggestions for thanking a special caregiver. A thoughtful gift can go a long way and we have three simple but meaningful ideas for spreading joy to your home aide this winter holiday season.

  • A Father Who Bridged the Gap

    On April 1, I decided I wanted to learn to play bridge. No fooling. The urge just came to me. It’s surprising that I never wanted to play before, since my dad was a champion collegiate bridge player. 

  • Why We Started LeanOnWe

    People always want to know how we came up with the idea of LeanOnWe. Well, to make a bad pun, it was something that I literally fell into after being hit head-on while bicycling one autumn day in 2011.

  • What's in a name? Let's "Lean On" the Power of Music

    Like many people, I was struck by Bill Withers’ death this month from cardiac complications at the age of 81. There have been so many sad and senseless deaths recently, but this one struck closer to home. Not that I knew Bill, because I didn’t.

  • Home Care and Covid-19: A Message from Our CEO

    Dear LeanOnWe Families and Friends,

    We are here to help.

    With the turmoil, illness, and heartache resulting from coronavirus, we know you have concerns and questions, alarm and anxiety while trying to make the best care decisions for yourself and your loved ones.